Who we are

Meet our team of experienced professionals

Employee Photo Kristen 1.jpg

Kristin Wiegand Rust

A Master Gardener and passionate landscape designer for more than 30 years.  Preserving our environment and building community interest in gardens and ecology are just a few of my passions.  I consider it an honor to help our clients with their gardening and landscape dreams.

I will work with you every step of the way and we will collaborate to create something personal and exceptional.


Kia Hanson

Kia enjoys anything plant related, gardens, forests,landscaping, flowers and just plain getting her hands dirty. Kia enjoys making other people happy with all things green. She is happiest when she is outside and nature puts her soul at ease. She will soon be a master in gardener and is beyond excited to put her skills to work. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, kayaking and helping her family with their garden needs. 


Employee Photo Shawn 1.jpg

Shawn Wiegand

Shawn is the crew manager and a passionate naturalist.  Trees and hardscaping are his specialties. He is a Master Gardener and Certified Organic gardener.  When not in a garden, he is outside hiking. Desk jobs or sitting in a cubicle are not for Shawn.  He is a great collaborator and will listen attentively to any concerns or ideas you might have. New Leaf is lucky to have such a talented landscape specialist. He makes things happen!

Employee Photo Patrick 2.jpg

Patrick Siney

Patrick Siney, a nine year assistant, is excited to be retuning to the 2018 team.  He brings an exceptional attention to detail and muscle to any job.  "I enjoy see customers ideas come to life",  Patrick says.  Motivated by the hands-on process that creates beautiful outdoor spaces, he believes nature is a wonderful artistic platform.  "You might say I'm a artist by nature."  he jokes.  "I love the team New Leaf has worked to foster, working with my hands and the earth always gets me excited." 


Employee Photo Jessica 1.jpg

Jessica Wilson

Jessica looks forward to digging into every year with New Leaf Landscape Consulting. Her deep-rooted love for organic gardening and holistic, healthy living keeps her connected to nature. She is a proud INPAWS and INLA member, Master Gardener, and hopes to soon add on, herbal specialist. It is hard to have a bad day when growing beautiful flowers or giving new life by planting a tree. 
Bring on the peace, hand her a shovel, lets get planting!