All photography provided by Kristin Rust

Since 2004, we have been cultivating gardens and relationships with homeowners throughout Monroe County.  Taking a collaborative approach, we are here to work with you on your landscape year after year.  Lifestyles change and we adjust accordingly.


New Leaf will meet with you for an initial consultation that usually lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. Our intent is to see the area, get to know you, help you to get to know us and start to build a trusting relationship.

Once we determine your priorities, we can decide  on an approach and strategize a plan to develop your yard into your vision.

New Leaf believes in the strategy of "get a plan before you plant". You can always modify the plan as things progress, but there must be a vision and a plan so that elements fit together over time and you maximize your landscaping investment.

We will work around your schedule.  Appointments are made at your convenience. 


Thirty-plus years of gardening and landscaping experience, lots of trial and error and a lot of additional education have afforded New Leaf the ability to create landscape design with confidence and creativity.

When this business began, design was on graph paper with colored pencils and stencils. My, how times have changed! Now New Leaf has the capability to photograph your landscape, incorporate your ideas with our knowledge and creativity, and present a new picture of what your house and garden will look like when the plants are installed and full-grown!

Whether you just need a design, or you want us to take the project from beginning to end, New Leaf can do it all!

The smartest thing we offer?  A plan BEFORE you plant. This gives you a vision, and saves you money in the long run.


Once your design is approved, we will make an appointment to come out and do the work. We can do it in stages, or all at once, depending upon your budget.

We use only quality materials from reliable resources. And we guarantee our work, provided you take care of the landscape by following our written instructions for first year care.

You can go off to work one morning and come home to a brand new landscape that evening!


We provide maintenance services weekly, monthly, or whatever you have in mind.  Mulching, pruning, dividing, transplanting, planting, composting, watering…the list is endless! Take the worry out of your gardening. If you aren't sure what you will need for the season, allow us to suggest some options based upon our experience and the type of garden you are seeking.


You name the project, we will get it done! Decks, sidewalks, fences, walls, are all part of a well-designed landscape. Fire pits, sidewalks, and more! 

Drainage issues? This is one of the most common problems in Monroe county. We can fix them! New Leaf is a multi-faceted company with years of experience. If you need a reference or want to speak to a previous client, we will do that for you. 

We are here to build trust and a lasting relationship with you. Your landscape is an extension of your home and a wise investment of your home-improvement dollar.

We will bid hardscape jobs separately from the overall planting bid. This means you can do your landscape project in steps, helping you to budget for the finished product.

We are a small company yet we have the resources to get the job done. Our size allows us to personalize our service and give your landscape the attention it deserves.

Business is all about well you build them determines how well they build your business...
— Brad Sugars